White Clouds Tarot

A FE3H Tarot Fanzine

A collaborative tarot card project produced by fans, for fans of Fire Emblem: Three Houses! All proceeds are going towards Doctors Without Borders.


A list of all Mods, Artists, and Writers.


An up to date projected timeline for the project.






Interest Checks: Oct. 7th - Oct. 19th

Mod Applications: Oct. 13th - Oct 26th

Mod Acceptance Emails: Oct. 27th - Nov. 2nd

Writer/Artist Applications: Oct. 20th - Nov. 16th

Writer/Artist Acceptance Emails: Nov. 24th - Nov. 30th

Contributors Announced: Dec. 8th


Approximately when will the project be completed?

Although the length of time will vary depending on whether we're able to do a full deck, we will be looking at setting up pre orders for Spring 2020

Is this zine for profit/for charity?

This project is NON-PROFIT. All proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Do you have an idea of what charity the proceeds will go to?

When we open contributor applications, we'll ask the applicants for their choice in charities. Once applications end, we'll gather the top charities and create a poll through Google forms or Twitter for interested parties to select which one to support.

Have you organized something like this before?

A couple of our veteran mods have organized the Tides of Fate Tarot Project over in the FFXV fandom. We've worked closely with Poi and Nonir to make sure we're delivering the best project we can.

Is this related to 3H tarot?

No, theres no relation between projects.

Are the Major Arcana going to be based off of the crest it correlates with? For example Gautier as Death and Ernest as the Fool.

That is the plan currently! Although it may change depending on the ideas provided by the artist and writers. We don't want to curb anyone's ideas or enthusiasm before they have a chance for their ideas to be heard!

Will the Minor Arcana be split between the routes?

Yes. Each minor Arcana is being divided up by the routes of the game, TBD.

What would you like to see in a portfolio for a possible contributor?

Artists: One piece of fire emblem art, Three Houses preferred, and two pieces that showcase your skill in lighting and anatomy, (three pieces total). Portfolio is optional.

Writers: A link to your writing platform, as well as a link(s) to your best piece(s). For writers, we are looking for people that have the best writing composition and convey the best stories within a small amount of words.

Are we allowed to apply to contribute merch as well as an art piece?

Yes! We'll be opening applications for creating merch separately, but that doesn't mean you can't also join the rest of the project. There will be a question on both applications to ask if you'd be interested in doing both.

Will you have Pinch Hitters?

We plan to include an option on the applications to include yourself as a pinch hitter. We anticipate more artists than writers at this point, but pinch hitters are always welcome.

Will there be a template file for the tarot cards?

Yes. A border will be provided to allow artists to account for bleed and make sure each card is designed to proportion.

What would the writing part of the zine be like?

It will be more of a mini-fic designed around the card imagery and less an explanation of the card themes.

The writers' pieces will be inspired by the cards at what level?

Writers' pieces will feature the same character/place/scene depicted on the card with the same general theme evoked by the card/keywords.

How will participants/decisions about the production be announced?

Everything will be promoted primarily through Twitter, but you can also find information on our Tumblr. There's also an option to join our mailing list, but make sure you add [email protected] to your contacts so our messages don't get sent to your spam/junk folder.

Is there a way to possibly make satchels or something to carry the cards in?

The cards will come in a decorative box. We will look into the price of such an item and might include it in one of the higher tiered bundles. Thank you for the suggestion!

For other questions, please direct your inquiries to our CuriousCat or our Twitter